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Lid methodology starts with establishing and clarifying the client’s objectives to ensure the brand strategy produces the desired results. Clarifying the client’s objectives is about understanding their passion and vision.

  1. Research phase - encompasses design, qualitative and quantitative research and covers areas such the organizational support for the brand; performance and perception of the brand in the marketplace; market segmentation and demographics; competitor analysis; industry and economic drivers; etc.

  2. The strategic phase - positioning the brand in the marketplace; developing a brand DNA; building internal and external brand awareness, knowledge and image; aligning the brand to the organization; developing a brand architecture; protecting the brand’s intellectual property; etc. This stage aims to build a unique brand strategy that attends the needs and aspirations of each client.

  3. Design concepts - designing a visual brand identity; guidelines for the use of the brand; developing the brand book; the execution of communication campaigns both above and below the line; organizational training; etc.

  4. Implement - transforming the design concepts into brand experience.

  5. Brand management – to monitor the implementation of the brand strategy and to control the delivery of the brand promise through the brand touch points. Should it be required, the strategy and execution can be fine-tuned.