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What is Branding?
Branding is one of the key words in business. We can easily find it throughout several business publications such as HSM Management, Meio & Mensagem, RTC - Radio e Tv Cultura Revista Exame...

It is well known that brand is the most important intangible company’s assets. Recently, there has been a discussion between consultants and designers about who might be the most appropriate professional to look after the brand. Even the CEOs have been facing this dilemma when hiring the brand guardians.

Branding is an interdisciplinary activity that does not happen without the involvement of the entire management level. In order to deliver the brand promise to customers and stakeholders, brand values must be consistently communicated and therefore incorporated for the managers.

The parties involved have to deliver the brand promise in each brand touch point.

Branding is a construction process of a Brand, and as any type of process it consists of working phases. The final objective of this process is to reach the brand equity that is the value added to the product or service related to the brand.

Nowadays, the access to information happens in a real time, everybody is much more exposed and any mistake can become public in a blink of an eye. A company’s reputation takes years to be developed but it can also be destroyed in a matter of seconds.

It is not possible to conquer people’s heart if the company does not have one.

This is the scenario that makes us to conclude that branding is a more complex activity than we thought back in the 90’s. It is a continuous process beyond strategic and visual. It must be multi sensed, responsible and true to the values that the company stands for.