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About LidBrand
LiDBrand + Experience has been building long-term relationships between people and brands since 1988. LiD develops branding projects and touch point management always with an innovative and creative approach.

Branding is a commitment to the construction of a brand in every day bases, added to all its experiences. Our challenge is to work with the brand in every moment, which has been happening through long-term relationships with our clients.

Brand values recognition, DNA creation, personality formulation and politics implementation are tools used by liD to build a strong brand. This work leads to successful business strategies, which turns into recognition and profit.

With Brand Experience the brand strategy is tangible. A creative project of brand identity translates each touch point into an involving, differentiated and memorable brand experience. The five senses are contemplated for the creation of these experiences.

The qualification of liD´s professionals is guaranteed by constant investments in training and international exchange programmes, which ensures to the clients unique solutions, strong brands and the construction of a long-term relationship with their strategic audience.